Here is a photo I shot of Brit, wearing one of my Don’t Hate the 918 shirts along with her Samus costume. Brit is a gamer, builder, seamstress, and cosplay player based in Tulsa. She is photographed with some of the pieces from the Samus costume she built (Samus is a character from the Metroid and Super Smash Brothers video games). I took this picture in April of 2017 at Fair Fellow Coffee in Tulsa’s Kendall Whittier District.

Since 2005, I have been making Tulsa T-shirts, apparel and merchandise. My line began with I Heart Tulsa, which I created in 2005 as a way to promote Tulsa and say something nice about our fine city. From there, I created Don’t Hate the 918 in 2006 and I Speak Okie in 2007. You can buy my clothing line online at or

I have been photographing Tulsans and Tulsa-lovers wearing my shirts, as well. My photography started out as a hobby when I was in art school at the University of Tulsa in 2003-2005. It has since grown into a project where I am photographing nine-hundred and eighteen people who make the 918 area great. Those photos can be seen at

Visit or to get your Don’t Hate the 918, I Speak Okie, and I Heart Tulsa clothing and more! Shop local!

Thank you,
Steve Cluck
Tulsa Pop Artist

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