I Heart Tulsa photo shoot – Kari


The photo shoot I conducted last Thursday at Inner Circle Vodka Bar in downtown Tulsa’s Brady Arts District was an absolute blast!

Here is another round of photos I took, featuring Hanson super-fan Kari!

Hanson fans were in Tulsa to attend Hanson Day and HopJam. I conducted this special photo shoot featuring the Hanson fans wearing my line of Don’t Hate the 918, I Speak Okie and I Heart Tulsa shirts to promote local, Tulsa pride!

Big thanks to Inner Circle Vodka Bar for being nice enough to host the photo shoot. Inner Circle Vodka Bar is a locally-owned establishment in the Brady Arts District of downtown Tulsa.

I will be posting more photos from the photo shoot in the coming days!

You can buy a Don’t Hate the 918 shirt of your very own by messaging me on Facebook or on Instagram! I can make them in your choice of color and size. Each shirt is made with love by yours truly in my Tulsa art studio.

You can also order online at ispeakokie.com


Steve Cluck

Tulsa Pop Artist

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