918 Project photo shoot at the Unicorn Club in downtown Tulsa’s Blue Dome District


I had the pleasure of conducting a photo shoot at the Unicorn Club in downtown Tulsa’s Blue Dome District a few weeks ago. Here are pics of the Unicorn Club’s co-owners and operators Tom and Angie Green with their kiddos.

My wife Joy Jones Cluck and I also got in on the fun, posing for a pics, as well. Those pics are photographed by our friend, Dylan Brodie.

The Unicorn Club is a unique concept that was inspired by Tom and Angie’s little girls and their love of unicorns. The Unicorn Club is covered in unicorn-themed murals, painted by the very talented local artist Daniel Gulick.

The Unicorn Club serves drinks that fit the unicorn theme. Several of the drinks are sparkly and glittery. Some even incorporate cotton candy. It is all designed to be a fun and over-the-top experience for club-goers.

DJs play every weekend at the Unicorn Club, usually a mix of Top 40 and classic pop songs from the ’80s and ’90s.

The Unicorn is located at 222 E 1st St, Tulsa, OK 74103 in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Blue Dome District. It is open on weekend evenings.

Stay tuned to this blog to see more photos I took at this photo shoot. I photographed many people wearing my line of Don’t Hate the 918, I Speak Okie, and I Heart Tulsa T-shirts.

You can buy my line of Don’t Hate the 918, I Speak Okie and I Heart Tulsa T-shirts on my web site, ispeakokie.com

Thank you,

Steve Cluck

Tulsa Pop Artist

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