Photo shoot with Melissa and Pamela at Inner Circle Vodka Bar in downtown Tulsa

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Photo Shoot at Inner Circle Vodka Bar with Melissa and Pamela

On Sunday, June 25, I conducted a photo shoot with Melissa and Pamela at Inner Circle Vodka Bar in downtown Tulsa’s Brady Arts District.

Melissa is a mother of two daughers, a wife, an accountant. Most recently, Melissa became a WBFF PRO Fitness Model.

She loves Tulsa because it is a small city with a big city feel. Her favorite spots include The Tavern, Dainty Hooligan, Sushi Hana, R Bar & Grill, and ONEOK Stadium.

Pamela is a writer and a passionate fitness competitor. She promotes breaking barriers for women through fitness.

What she loves most about Tulsa are the people who live here. Her favorite local spots include Utica Square, Dainty Hooligan, In the Raw, and The Boxyard.

I took these photos on Sunday, June 25, at Inner Circle Vodka Bar, right in the heart of downtown Tulsa’s Brady Arts District.

Melissa and Pamela are wearing clothing that I hand-printed in my Tulsa art studio. My line of clothing includes several pro-Oklahoma phrases I created. I Heart Tulsa is the one that started it all.  I created the I Heart Tulsa brand in 2005 when I was an art student at the University of Tulsa. I created the I Heart Tulsa brand to do something positive for our city. Back in 2005, there were not many nice things being said about Tulsa and I wanted to turn those tides and start a positive movement for our city. I am thankful that Tulsans and Tulsa-lovers have embraced the I Heart Tulsa brand and it has been going strong for 12 years and counting.

Shortly after created I Heart Tulsa, in 2006, I started the Don’t Hate the 918 brand. It was inspired by someone making a negative comment about an I Heart Tulsa T-shirt I was wearing at downtown Tulsa coffee shop back in 2006. A young man saw my shirt and said, “Why do you love Tulsa? It is terrible here!” I responded off-the-cuff saying “Hey, don’t hate the 918!” and a new brand was born. Everyone living in the 918 area code, including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, and Bartlesville, have really embraced the Don’t Hate the 918 message and have made it an unofficial slogan for our region. Big thanks to everyone who has supported the Don’t Hate the 918 by wearing the T-shirts and by being a part of my newest endeavor, the 918 Project.

In 2014, the Don’t Hate the 918 brand led to the 918 Project, an art project where I am photographing nine-hundred and eighteen people who make the 918 area code. In the past three years, I have photographed 845 people at various locations throughout the 918 area. The photos have been taken everywhere from Philbrook Museum to Enso Bar to 108 Contemporary to Physiques By Monique. All in all, I have conducted almost 100 photo shoots at almost 50 different locations!

These photos of Melissa and Pamela are among the latest pictures I have taken for the 918 Project. If you would like to be a part of the 918 Project, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

To buy a Celebrate the 918, Don’t Hate the 918, I Heart The 918, or I Heart Tulsa shirt like the ones Melissa and Pamela are wearing, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Or, you can keep an eye out for my various Pop Up Shops that I do on occasional Sundays at various spots, like Inner Circle Vodka Bar or Pottery Barn in Utica Square.

You can also order a shirt online at

Finally, my shirts are available at Decopolis in downtown Tulsa and Ida Red (two locations: Brookside and downtown Tulsa).

Follow Melissa on Instagram at @melfit_wbffpro

Follow Pamela on Instagram at @pamela_denise_fitness_journey

Thank you,

Steve Cluck

Tulsa Artist




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