MIMOSA MAFIA Photo Shoot with Lora, Brea, Kristina, Jamie, Debbie, Lori, and Pamela

mimosa_mafia_shirt_0387mimosa_mafia_shirt_0390mimosa_mafia_shirt_0401mimosa_mafia_shirt_0407mimosa_mafia_shirt_0431mimosa_mafia_shirt_0449mimosa_mafia_shirt_0456mimosa_mafia_shirt_0467mimosa_mafia_shirt_0507mimosa_mafia_shirt_0512mimosa_mafia_shirt_0538mimosa_mafia_shirt_0542mimosa_mafia_shirt_0556 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0570 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0573 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0589 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0604 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0612 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0615 copymimosa_mafia_shirt_0674mimosa_mafia_shirt_0681mimosa_mafia_shirt_0690mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0094mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0101mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0112mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0166mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0170mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0174mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0176mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0177mimosa_mafia_tulsa_shirt_0179MIMOSA MAFIA Photo Shoot at Inner Circle Vodka Bar with Lora, Brea, Kristina, Jamie, Debbie, Lori, and Pamela

On Sunday, June 25, I conducted a photo shoot with Lora, Brea, Kristina, Jamie, Debbie, Lori, and Pamela at Inner Circle Vodka Bar in downtown Tulsa’s Brady Arts District.


To buy a MIMOSA MAFIA shirt, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Or, you can keep an eye out for my various Pop Up Shops that I do on occasional Sundays at various spots, like Inner Circle Vodka Bar or Pottery Barn in Utica Square.

You can also order a shirt online at ispeakokie.com.

Thank you,

Steve Cluck

Tulsa Artist


Apt 16G
Tulsa, OK 74135
207-249-9948 (Celeste)
celesteprose@yahoo.com (Celeste)
Fiance: Celeste Prose

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